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High Temperature Grease

High Temperature Grease
High Temperature Grease
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Product Code : HTG 01
Product Description

ISOL NMHT 450 high temperature extreme pressure additive, molybdenum disulfide and graphite have a natural affinity for metal surfaces. This natural affinity for metal surfaces allows this solid lubrication combination to plate themselves to these surfaces in order to form a long lasting solid lubricant film which not only withstands high temperatures, but also will withstand pressures in excess of 500, 000 psi. This long lasting solid lubricant film provides the metal surfaces of the bearings the superior protection they need especially during periods of high shock loading, extreme pressure and vibration.


As high temperatures occur the High Temperature Grease will gradually soften in consistency without any drippage of the synthetic base fluids in order to carry and spread the molybdenum disulfide and graphite into the bearing clearances and onto the bearing surfaces. As the temperatures continues to become elevated the synthetic base fluids begin to volatize off cleanly without leaving any residues, varnishes, gums or carbon deposits on the bearing surfaces. Once the synthetic base fluids have completely volatilized off a solid lubricant film consisting of the proprietary high temperature anti-wear extreme pressure additive and the combination of molybdenum disulfide and graphite is left behind to lubricate at temperatures up to 450 °C.


Specially formulated for those applications, where extremely high temperature are encountered like bearings, chains, conveyors, drives, hinges and equipment operating in furnaces, kilns, drying and heating ovens, incinerators etc., where ordinary lubricants drip off or melt due to high temperatures.


1 kg, 10 kg, 35 kg & 200 kg.